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San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3 (SAMP 0.3)

San Andreas Multiplayer (SAMP) is well known Grand Theft Auto San Andreas multiplayer mod. SAMP allows you to make your own server with your own rules, scripts, modifications. You can play with your friends online, make your own roleplay, deathmatch or race server.

Garry's Mod


Game server Price for 1 slot per month Public server
Price for 1 slot
Slots limit
GTA San Andreas Multiplayer € 0.15 from 20 to 1000 slots

Order public game server.

Port 7777 for Moscow servers customers

If you order a server in Moscow, you will be getting dedicated IP-address with port 7777 with your SAMP-server order.


Our system makes backup of your files every day and week. You can be sure to be able to restore all your saved files if you will accidentally remove some of them. All backups are saved in "backups" folder, "daily" and "weekly" named.


All our servers are protected with Anti DoS system that blocks all DoS attacks automatically. Fake players attacks are getting blocked aswell.


Terms of Service
DOC, 54 Kb
Support policy
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